mardi 12 février 2013

Albion contre-attaque

 La nouvelle est enfin tombé : la tournée de la Vierge de Fer Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour (1988-1989), dont deux dates  en Angleterre firent l'objet d'une VHS à l'époque (bien qu'en version tronquée), se verra offrir une seconde jeunesse sur DVD, son 5.1 et track-list complète le 25 mars prochain. En bonus notamment la suite de la "Maiden Story" couvrant la période suivant le World Slavery Tour à la tournée susnommée. La version audio intégrale sera également éditée en double-CDS et vinyles.

Le communiqué officiel extrait du site du groupe :

 EMI are proud to announce the highly anticipated release of the Double Disc DVD MAIDEN ENGLAND ‘88 on 25 March. Now available for the very first time on DVD, this live show was filmed across two sold-out nights at Birmingham N.E.C Arena, UK in November 1988 during the band’s “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son World Tour”. Disc one contains the concert which has been specially upgraded and extended from the existing 1989 longform VHS release and now includes three previously unreleased encores: Running Free, Run To The Hills and Sanctuary thereby completing the full concert with a total running time of 110 minutes . Maiden’s own Film Producer and Director Andy Matthews went back to the 1988 edit and painstakingly remastered each shot digitally; colour correcting and grading to give the image the best possible look from that time.  As well as the VHS stereo sound track by Martin Birch, the band’s producer between 1981 and 1993, the DVD also includes a brand new 5.1 audio surround mix by Maiden’s current producer Kevin Shirley. The concert was meticulously directed and edited by bass player and founder member Steve Harris, so as to capture the performance from a fans-eye view of the stage, focusing fully on the music, the elaborate stage production and the lighting.  Add into the mix an electrifying set list and of course Eddie, and Maiden England now offers a snapshot of a bygone era in which the band, as they continue to do today, devote their all in delivering the ultimate live experience for their fans.

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